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Leelam.af is one of Afghanistan’s leading websites and helps over 200,000 unique visitors every week find the right products for the right prices.

Many of Leelam's visitors are actively shopping and are ready to purchase products.

What does it cost to be listed on Shopping?

It is free to be listed on Shopping. Our goal is to list all of the Afghan online e-shops that offer goods that fall within our product categories. For e-shops who want to further expand the benefits of Shopping, we offer profiling as an additional sales and marketing channel.

Requirements to be listed on Shopping

To be listed in our default view the store shall:
  • be operated by a company with a Afghan VAT registration
  • be targeted at consumers in Afghanistan
  • set prices in AFN
  • accept orders via online store or by email
  • offer support in pashto or dari
  • deliver to all municipalities in Afghanistan
  • follow all Afghan consumer laws
  • be responsible for the importation/entry of listed goods, as well as the customs duties, taxes and other charges that occur in connection with this
For stores through which consumers (either directly or indirectly) are entered into a transaction with a company outside the EU/EEA area, the following information must be included online:
  • the name, registration number and registered office of the foreign company
  • the seller’s firm and corporate identity if transactions are conducted through a department or subsidiary
  • the official VAT registration number that is used to declare sales to consumers in Afghanistan
  • a posted statement that the seller is responsible for all fees associated with products imported into Afghanistan, and that consumers will not be responsible for any duties, taxes or other charges in connection with this.
  • accurate information regarding the consumer's right to cancel their purchase, according to Afghan law
To be listed in the international view, the store should:
  • be receiving orders via online store or email
  • deliver to consumers in Afghanistan

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