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Return Policy

What does an e-shop’s return policy mean?

If you buy something from one of the vendors listed on Leelam.af, you have the right to return your purchase for at least a minimum of 14 days from the date you received the product. The seller will provide you with a full refund, including the amount you paid for shipping to have the item delivered to you. You are, however, responsible for the shipping costs to return the goods to the seller.

Find out all important information before you buy!

On the website, you should easily be able to find the name and address of the seller, an accurate description of the product and price, official terms of payment, methods of delivery, and clear information regarding the return policy.

Your purchase must be confirmed.

After you place your order, the seller must send the same information in a written letter or email message. If the company does not provide you with this information, the return policy is extended for one year from the date you received the product.

Is the return policy valid for all goods?

There are a few items that are not covered by the return policy offered through the e-shops. These exceptions include sealed audio or video recordings and computer software where the seal has been broken, newspapers and magazines, and perishable items, which due to their nature cannot be returned (such as food).

Goods which are manufactured or significantly altered as per your request, such as items which are personalized, can be exempt from the e-shop’s return policy if specified by the seller before the transaction is finalized.

Can you open the item’s packaging?

In order to be eligible for an e-shop’s return policy, goods must be kept substantially unaltered, which means that in most cases you can open the package and carefully examine and test the goods. You have the right to take the actions that are necessary to properly examine the goods, even if it leads to a reduction in value.

Can you trust a store’s information about the return policy?

There are a lot of inaccuracies and misconceptions regarding the return policy, and like always, knowledge prior to purchase is the best way to prevent any problems after the sale. Besides the things already mentioned, here are some other common but erroneous misnomers:

  • You must pay a fee to take advantage of the return policy!
    Is not true - companies should not charge extra to utilize the return policy.
  • Lists of specific goods that are not covered by the return policy, such as discounted products, goods not included in the standard product offering, costly items, other types of goods such as computers, mobile phones, projectors, razors, etc.
    Is not true - the only goods that are not covered are sealed audio or video recordings and computer software where the seal has been broken, newspapers, periodicals and goods not returnable because of their nature (such as food and other perishable products).
  • The return policy does not apply if you pick the product up in-store or from a delivery point!
    Is not true - if the transaction is completed at a distance, the return policy applies. How you receive the goods does not affect this.

Find out the details before you purchase!

If the return policy or any other specifics of the transaction are of great importance to you, contact the store prior to making a purchase in order to obtain detailed and accurate information. Make sure all agreements are documented by email in order to prevent a potential dispute later on.

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