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Seven Tips for Shopping

  1. Avoid shady shops which lack business or contact information.
  2. If the company’s details exist and you are still suspicious, get in touch with the business that is listed directly through their official contact information, not those provided by the online store.
  3. Visit comparison sites and discussion forums to read reviews and opinions from other consumers.
  4. Google the store name, company name, address, phone number or people behind the company. A quick search may reveal any previous consumer concerns or suspected dishonest activity.
  5. Read the store's delivery terms and conditions of sale and unravel all issues with the seller before you make a purchase. Make sure to get answers to important questions via email, and save them for future reference.
  6. Avoid stores that do not have a reasonable return policy in place. Also steer clear of sellers that create their own return policy rules and exceptions, such as that packaging must not be opened, or that the original shipping costs are non-refundable.
  7. Avoid payment options that allow the store to get access to your money before they have shipped the goods. If you are unsure, contact your bank, your card issuer or the payment service which you intend to use and ask their policy in the situation that a seller does not deliver the merchandise.
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