Listing on Shopping - how does it work?

Participating retailers usually provide us with the necessary data through a price file, but we can also read the needed information off of some stores' websites. Every night, starting at 00:01, we read all dealers’ price files or websites, and subsequently update any changes on Shopping.

With your products on Shopping, our 2.1 million monthly visitors can easily find them. Consumers can reach your store by searching for specific keywords in the search box, or they can click their way through our easily-navigated categories. There are two types of categories - Price Comparison categories and Shopping categories. Price Comparison categories include the most common and popular product types where there is a great demand among buyers to compare prices. Examples of these categories include mobile phones, TVs, Tablet PCs, refrigerators and dishwashers. Shopping categories should be used more for the comparison of products rather than price, as products listed here are often not identical, and not accurately able to be compared by price.

Listing your products on Shopping requires:

  • A working data feed which we can use to read all of your product data. For detailed information contact us:
  • Your logo size should be 150x50 in .jpg or .gif picture format.
  • A value-added text of up to 150 characters, including spaces. This should describe your business and your strengths in an interesting and unique way.
  • A signed cooperation agreement.

For questions regarding the data feed, contact Svetlana Bozhinovska at or alternatively by telephone at 020 23 10 867.

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