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Potential for a Quicker Sale

Place your ad in the Gallery so that more people will be able to see it. On some days, the Gallery is displayed hundreds of thousands of times.

How to Be Part of the Gallery

If you have already published an ad, click on ”Delete, edit or renew your ad” and choose the option ”Gallery”.

You also have the possibility to choose ”Gallery” when registering a new ad.

Your ad must contain a picture in order to be displayed in the gallery.
In order for the ad to be shown in the gallery, first you need to make the payment for publishing the ad on Leelam, and then to complete the payment for the gallery.

Where is the Gallery Displayed?

The ads with a Gallery option added are displayed in the following positions:

  • In the ads list, after clicking on the map.
  • In the search results when the ad is related to the keyword or the selected category/location.

- If you cannot see your ad in the gallery, it is probably because the gallery space is shared with other ads in the gallery.

How Long will the Ad be Published in the Gallery?

The ad is displayed in the Gallery for two weeks. Before the period expires you will receive a reminder in your email to renew your ad.

Here is how the Gallery would look:

The gallery is displayed on the right side of the search results.
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