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Many companies have their own online stores, but they don’t receive many visitors. Leelam gets over 1.5 million visitors each month. By opening a store on Leelam, your company will have access to the largest trading site in Afghanistan.

Benefits of a Leelam Store

  • Expand your customer base by reaching a nationwide audience. Your brand name will be displayed in your ads.
  • Visitors watching one of your ads are encouraged to visit your store page to see all of your other offers in one convenient list.
  • All of your company's ads will be gathered in one list which will enable you to manage them more easily.

What’s Included?

  • Get a prepaid store account which provides you with cheaper advertising costs compared to other payment methods. This prepaid account also saves you time if you register numerous ads.
  • Get a detailed overview of all of your account transactions, helping you maintain precise control of your marketing budget.
  • Your store will get a direct link of its own:
  • Get useful statistics and find out what products and services your customers are interested in.

They opened a shop on and expanded their business.

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