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Trade Safely!

  • When meeting with a seller, never pay upfront. Verify the item works and is in good condition before making payment.
  • Do not share sensitive information such as bank account and credit card numbers, usernames or passwords.
  • Request an ID card from the person you are dealing with. Check that the person is the legal owner of the item you’re about to buy. An item’s owner is always required to return stolen property, even if he or she was not aware of its origin at purchase.
  • Be careful when you are dealing with people abroad. International transactions are associated with higher risk for fraud. A scammer may provide fake documents to manipulate you into a deal.
  • Never use payment services such as Western Union, BidPay or Money Gram because these are the most popular methods of fraud. It is very difficult to control or reverse payments with these agencies.
  • Pay special attention if an offer seems too good to be true or if the other party is anxious to conclude the deal as quickly as possible.
  • Talk with your bank in order to get information regarding secure transactions. This is especially important when dealing with large amounts of money.

Buying and Selling Vehicles

  • Thoroughly verify that the seller of the vehicle is registered as the actual owner. Try to find out whether the vehicle has any current liens, records of accidents, damages or repairs.
  • Don’t let an interested buyer test drive your vehicle alone – always accompany them. If it is a motorcycle, ask to see a properly certified license from the buyer.
  • Beware of fake "financial intermediaries". They will contact you with a false promise to help you sell your car faster.
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