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Cookies Policy

Last Updated on 28.02.2021

Cookies – What do they represent and what are they used for?

Leelam uses tracking technology called Cookies. Cookies are used to provide better services and better user experience. Cookies are small encrypted/protected files. They are small text files stored in the user's computer/mobile device. In order to perform uninerrupted and efficient websites's functions, web browsers use cookies. Cookies are useful for the system of advertising and they count the unique visits. To Leelam, it provides to collect statistics for the visitors and to be used for internal purposes, for example, it is used so that the same banner is not shown/displayed allthe time until the user is on Leelam. The acceptance of the cookies and the agreement of using them is not obligated.

At every first opening of the website, the user receives an information that the website uses cookies. If the user clicks on: "I agree" and continues to use the website or closes the Pop-Up window, that means that he agrees with the use of this technology in accordance with the published content on the website Leelam in the cookies section. The tracking technology is anonymous and does not contain personal data. Also, the cookies can not read other important files from the users's hard disk.

Also, Leelam uses tracking technology for building market segments and targeting the audience based on the users's behavior. This information is anonymous and it is only used for targeted marketing. In no case the personal data of the users is not collected.

The cookies are not program codes which can be executed with other functions or by themselves, that's why there is no danger for the user. They should not be taken as viruses etc.

Types of Cookies

Necessary Cookies are used to provide the basic functionalities of the websites and the user to be able to use the website in its entirety. Without the basic and the necessary cookies, the website is not able to function with all its functions. Marketing Cookies are used for marketing activities. The purpose is to display the most relevant ads while the user is on the website. Also, in order to provide data for visits, Leelam uses Statistical Cookies. Social Media Cookies are integrated cookies for the functionalities of the Social Media. Leelam is authorized for the cookies set by the website itself. Leelam is not authorized and has no responsibility regarding the cookies set by third parties. Leelam advices users to read the privacy policies and the cookies of the collaborators, partners and social media(third parties) for greater security. Leelam does not bear any responsibility for the third party cookies.

Disable the Cookies

If you want, you can disable the tracking technology on your browser. This can me made through the browser's search settings in the security section. Of course, it will mean that you won't be able to use some of the functions of from the moment of disabling the tracking technology.

Useful links for disabling the cookies:

Other Information

Cookies policy is a part of the privacy policy. Leelam reserves the right to do any kind of changes on the privacy policy and/or the terms of using it in any time. Such an amandment comes into force with the publication of the website. Please read the basic rules of the website in order to be informed about the news on the website in time.

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